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We compare the best acne treatments to help you discover which one is best for your skin.

Acne Treatment: Staff Reviews

Please find below a list of highlighted product with detailed reviews. We hope that you find this information useful in helping to select the right acne treatment for your skin.

Proactiv Solution®

Most all of you have seen the infomercials on late night TV.  Proactiv Solution is a three piece system that includes a cleanser, toner and treatment serum.  Many celebrities have been paid to endorse the line making it even more popular. 

The Company Behind it:  Guthy-Renker Corporation is a marketing company best known for selling products using infomercials.  They not only sell Proactiv but many others items including makeup, exercise equipment and even self-help videos. 

The Good:  The Proactiv 3-piece system is easy to use.  Benzoyl Peroxide is a good active ingredient that has been shown to effectively treat acne by killing acne bacteria. 

The Bad:  A quick comparison of the ingredients (see chart) will show where Proactiv is missing several beneficial ingredients that could help you in your effort to clear your skin.

The Bottom Line:  Proactiv sure has made a name for itself on TV but it also has left many users searching for an acne treatment that does not dry out their skin and works better for them.  Also their 60-Day guarantee might be a bit short for some users to really test the product out.

Exposed Skincare®

Exposed offers a refreshing new approach to fight against acne.  There are two things that really set this system apart. 

  1. Exposed attacks acne not in just one or two ways like typical acne treatments but in all 4 proven ways which sets it apart as the best acne treatment available.
  2. Exposed employs a complementing set of botanical and essential natural extracts that not only calm acne but work to reduce redness and help heal and renew your skin. 

The Company Behind it:  Exposed Skin Care is based in Seattle, Washington and has been supplying over-the-counter Acne Medication since 2002.

The Good:  Fast and long-lasting results without the typically harsh effects.  Exposed seems to offer a full complement of scientific and natural actives and you can see the results in Exposed’s user reviews.  Exposed is praised by users for not only getting rid of acne but also dramatically improving the look and feel of their skin. 

The Bad:  Exposed can be a bit more expensive than other typical acne treatment solutions.

The Bottom Line:  If you have had poor results with other acne treatments, Exposed offers a welcome advancement in acne medication that really delivers impressive results to many users.  For those looking for the best acne treatment and are willing to shell out a few bucks for it, look no further. 


The Murad Acne Complex is a three part system that includes a cleanser, exfoliating gel and a facial lotion.  The system is pretty simple and relies heavily on Salicylic Acid since it does not include Benzoyl Peroxide.

The Company Behind it: Murad was founded in 1989 and is based in Los Angeles, CA.  Beyond acne products, Murad sells anti-aging, cellulite and stretch mark products as well as several other skin care lines. 

The Good:  Murad is a quality product that seems to work for lighter cases of acne.  The system is very simple and easy to use.

The Bad:  While Salicylic Acid is effective at exfoliating dead skin cells it can’t penetrate deeper in to the skin and fight acne bacteria like other actives such as Benzoyl Peroxide can.  

The Bottom Line:  A quality product but Moderate and Severe acne suffers may find that the Murad Acne Complex falls short.

Rodan & Fields®

Rodan and Fields Acne Solution is called Unblemish and is a four part system similar to Proactiv.  It includes a cleanser, toner, treatment lotion and a facial lotion.

The Company Behind it: Rodan and Fields are the dermatologists behind the well know Proactiv Solution.  They have moved on to create their own line of skin care products. 

The Good:  High quality products and very nice packaging.  It’s good to see that the Unblemish Acne Treatment uses 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.  Mind you, it doesn’t offer many of the actives found in other lines.

The Bad:  For an acne treatment similar to other common lines it is about 4 times the cost and still lacking some actives that may benefit acne sufferers.  

The Bottom Line:  A nice quality product but at a comparatively high price tag. 

Acne Treatments: Highlighted

Which is the best acne treatment for your skin?

Exposed Acne Treatment

Exposed Skincare

A powerful yet gentle acne treatment with potent scientific actives & soothing natural extracts.

Special 1-Year
Risk-Free Offer

SCIENCE* acne treatment acne treatment acne treatment acne treatment  
NATURE acne treatment acne treatment acne treatment acne treatment acne treatment

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Murad Acne Treatment


A good system for mild acne containing salicylic acid and sulfur.

SCIENCE* acne treatment acne treatment      
NATURE acne treatment acne treatment      

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Rodan & Fields Acne Treatment

Rodan & Fields

An expensive but well made acne treatment medicine with Benzoyl Peroxide and Sulfur.

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NATURE acne treatment acne treatment      

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* Check marks represent the amount of acne fighting and skin repairing ingredients in each product, using science and nature.
** Price based on 60-Day supply

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