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Acne Treatment Reviews

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Finding the top acne treatment can be difficult. Often you you'll find that one dermatologist recommended top acne treatment differs from the next dermatologist's top acne treatment. There has to be one top acne treatment that works best to get rid of acne for a clear face and healthy skin. Right?

Well, it turns out that finding the top acne treatment is a personal journey. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. This is one of the reasons that make acne so hard to treat. You have to find the top acne treatment that works best for you. Here are some tips for choosing a top acne treatment, and we've tested the top acne treatments available on the market to help you make your decision on which acne product would best help you get rid of acne, clear your face, and improve your skin.

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Criteria for Choosing the Top Acne Treatment Product

  • How severe is your acne? It's hard to have perspective when dealing with your own skin. What seems like the works acne in the world to you may not actually be that bad. Acne can be unpredictable. Visit your dermatologist and have your acne examined. Your dermatologist will also help you determine the cause of your acne, for example hormonal imbalances, and establish the procedures and suggest a top acne treatment.
  • Take a close look at the ingredients. Effective acne treatments need to have the right blend of chemical and natural ingredients for clearing your pores of acne causing bacteria. Some of the most effective ingredients for fighting acne are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. A top acne treatment will contain these ingredients. Products that claim to be an effective cure for acne but do not contain these ingredients may be a rip-off. One more thing when it comes to ingredients is to make sure they are backed by scientific studies. Having ingredients backed by years of study will make the product more likely to work on every type of acne condition.
  • Be aware of potential side effects. Some acne medicines have ingredients with side effects that can cause redness after they are applied to the face and skin. This is normal and should fade in time. However, some medication side effects may actually aggravate your skin problem.
  • A top acne treatment has no quick-fix solution. There are products out there saying they can get rid of acne overnight. In reality, to treat your acne problem, you need a system for it.

It's frustrating to have to try several different acne treatments, but this trial and error is often what is needed to find a top acne treatment. For some people a topical, facial medication is perfect, others may need a pill. Fortunately, we have done some of the hard work for you. Take a look at the following reviews and see if you can find a top acne treatment that helps you get rid of acne and fits your needs for a clear face and healthy skin.

Acne Treatments: Highlighted

Which is the best acne treatment for your skin?

Exposed Acne Treatment

Exposed Skincare

A powerful yet gentle acne treatment with potent scientific actives & soothing natural extracts.

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NATURE acne treatment acne treatment acne treatment acne treatment acne treatment

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Murad Acne Treatment


A good system for mild acne containing salicylic acid and sulfur.

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NATURE acne treatment acne treatment      

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Rodan & Fields Acne Treatment

Rodan & Fields

An expensive but well made acne treatment medicine with Benzoyl Peroxide and Sulfur.

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NATURE acne treatment acne treatment      

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* Check marks represent the amount of acne fighting and skin repairing ingredients in each product, using science and nature.
** Price based on 60-Day supply

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